Wow why is there no posts!!! This forum needs a jolt of life. All those voices out there and not one has any thing to say? Well I am here if anyone cares to shout out. My name is Crystal and I will be happy to add my two cents to what ever you want to throw out there.

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Sure DOES!

The whole site looks dead... :( but must say, nice site!

Takes a while for anything new to take off - and there are a lot of other active forums - only so many places one can be and still be productive.

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Okay, I'm here! Now what? Just checking to see if anyone is listening. Watching. Anything.

Well...looks like there are not too many of us here. I'm brand new as of today. Silly American...

Thanks for the jolt! You are right.. but any forum is only as good as its participants. So, I am delighted to meet you all.

By way of introduction, I am a British voice-over talent and coach living in New Orleans, Louisiana. Among other things, I also founded and run a non-profit organization to support performers, called The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation.
Hoping to get to know you all...
Best always,

Hi All,

And Crystal is right about the jolt. Any forum is only as good as its participants so I hope soon this forum will spring to life.

By way of introduction, I am a Brtish voice-over talent, coach, and agent in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am also founder and executive director of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, a non-profit organization to provide educational opportunities and resources for voice talent and performers.

Hoping to get to know you all...
Best always,

There seems to be a bunch of talented people on this site, but absolutely no activity...strange.


Does anyone know how to find out if an agent is reputable?

Also, is it necessary to live in the same city as the agent?

Thank you.



Hi Ish,
You should always ask other talent for their recommendations when choosing an agent. Also, look into their career background - most agents should have experience in the business and may even be a talent themselves.
With regard to location, you should have an agent in other selected states, in addition to you home state, of course, and possibly overseas, too. This is a global business, and my own agency runs on a non-exclusive basis, which means we don't mind how many other agencies you have!
Please remember, though, that your agent is only one element of your marketing efforts: you need to market yourself vigorously. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to chat.

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I agree, way to quiet here. Maybe I will post a pic of my lunch like people do on FB. Just kidding, welcome ya'll.

Hi all, I'm new to this site. I've never done anything professional with my voice before, but have been told by many that I needed to, so here I am. I hope to see a lot more activity from everyone and the site :)

Well, I have been here quite some time.

I had no idea that there was a forum on here...guess I did not peruse the site enough.

Hi. My name is Fentriss. I am an American male professional voice over talent and like to be in as many places I can with my colleauges.

On another note, I don't remember there being a membership to apply for jobs when I first joined.

Anyone aware of when this change happened?


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Hi Fentriss,

I think the pay feature is new, and there is no way I am paying.

LOL, Pamela, I hope you are having a wonderful morning.

I am in full agreement with your sentiment!

Start a topic, Crystal. Oh... mebbe I should...
Here's a question: what do you think is the ONE most important element in marketing yourself as a voice-over talent..?


I've been a Voices Pro member for a while but only tonight did I really delve into and investigate the website to see the potential and gifts they have to offer. While others online have reaped the benefits, once you become involved I'm sure traffic will pick up.

Stay tuned,

Joe Walker, III

Hello everyone. My name is Charlie. I'm just starting my career as a voice over actor and I want to know if anybody knows an agent they would recommend?

Hello Voicespro Forum,

I'm a novice voiceover artist (by that I mean, I haven't landed my first gig yet!) and genuinely looking to hear your experience! How (and where) did you find your very first gig? Do you feel online agencies like voicespro.com are a good starting point? Or would you suggest finding a personal agent? I've registered with a few online platforms such as this, but the cost of joining does add up. What would you recommend?

I appreciate your time, and your interest in helping a fellow newbie.

Many thanks,

Yeah!!! Finally found the forums.. Great to mean everyone.. I am also a VO actor, looking forward to seeing everyone succeed and book work!!

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Hello forum and Laura

New here as well after deciding to try it out in attempts of widening my portfolio. But as with other such sites, not much happening within the forums. Laura, not sure if other experienced voice actors as myself have advised you, but submitting your reel to places like movie trailer houses or marketing firms may help. However, call first before sending unsolicited emails.

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