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Hello. I'm in the process of setting up a home studio. I have a PC and a Shure mic. I'd like to know what the current, popular software is? Is there something you prefer over another? We have Logic Pro. Also, has anyone heard of the Kaotica Eyeball? This is a device that you put over your mic that creates a "studio" sound rather than setting up acoustics on your wall. If you do not know about this or don't recommend it, what kind of desk top sound barrier are you using? I have a small, corner area in my apartment where I will be doing my recording. Thank you.

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I have heard of the "eyeball" and although I have not used it. The review is that it's a great addition for traveling VO. It's like a booth in your suitcase. Not really sure how that translates to everyday recording, but it's worth a try even if for the short term. Great luck

As far software goes, Audacity is common among newcomers. But I recommend using something that edits non-destructively and previews sound effects on the fly. If you already know how to use Logic Pro, that's suitable. Others include Adobe Audition, Reaper(my preference) and Protools.

Thanks everyone for your input. I'm not a newcomer to VO, but I am to recording at home. Still in progress....

the Kaotica Eyeball as a V/O mic will put you out of business. it's a pc mic for chatting , nothing more.

Audacity is a decent beginner's program, layed out easily and records decently. I have used Adobe Audition for years as a musician and songwriter, so I am more comfortable using that for voice work.

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Adobe Audition is fantastic. It has the best editing features and is very easy to learn..

Agreed. Adobe Audition-CC is more than enough for voiceover. Been using it since it was 'Cool Edit' (wow that's a long time ago) Audacity is ok too and it's free.

Twisted Wave is a software program used by many voice talent-- it's simple, easy to use and gets the job done! I have an excellent studio and won the Kaotica Eyeball, which I thought I'd use for traveling; I don't particularly care for it. You're better off building a pillow fort!

There are several reviews (and comparisons to other products) of the Eyeball on the web, some good, some not so much. There is also a myriad of reflection shields that, as it looks to me, do at least as good or better job (sometimes at a fraction of the price). The pillow fort is also a viable option. Just my $.02.

I use Presonus Studio One software and have a Presonus studio mic as well as a Peavey Studio M1 vocal mic Mic. I have a home studio using an iMac with all Presonus audio interfaces like the 2 channel Audio Box and the Presonus 6/8. I personally don't care for Audacity but thats just my personal opinion. My studio is underground and very quiet.

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