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The Mandy Network is home to an international, growing audience of 2.3 million members working in the creative industries, attracting 700,000+ monthly unique visitors to the site.

Our range of advertising and marketing solutions are designed to support members, freelancers, suppliers and service providers, to showcase and raise awareness of their services to employers for existing and upcoming production projects across the entertainment industry.

Our dedicated team work closely with industry leaders in film, stage, crew, music and tv production, to provide engaging advertising campaigns across our network.

We provide an extensive suite of advertising options to assist you in raising your profile, promote your portfolio of work and market position your services to our many clients.

Our clients include: ITV, ITN Productions, BBC, Lime Pictures, BFI, Tiger Aspect, Ambassador Theatre Group, the National Theatre, The Old Vic, Almeida Theatre, Vice, The Mill, NBC Universal, Lucasfilms, Discovery Channel, Marvel, Disney Cruise Line, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., Disney Network, P&O Cruises, Dreamworks Animation, MTV, ESPN, Netflix and many more.

Our advertising platform delivers an audience of: Film, Radio & TV Broadcasters Professional Makeup Artists Media & Animation Artists Audio & Video Engineers Film, Stage, TV Production and Post-production crews Freelancers Producers Directors Technical engineers Location managers Production managers Project & Facilities managers Lighting and equipment managers and more.

September Website Statistics
  • Page Impressions 6,070,669
  • Visitors 545,224
  • Site Members 10587

Advertising Options

Website & Email Banners

Advertise to the entire Mandy network using our advanced targeting tool. Choose adverts to appear on the right hand side of the website or at the bottom of our many emails.
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Comprehensive advert management tool
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Production Services

Our production services advertising options, include marketing solutions designed to support suppliers and service providers wishing to target employers of Film, Radio, Stage and TV production projects across the entertainment industry.

Service Providers can highlight their expertise, list their services and maximise exposure across the network, to benefit from additional features such as:
  • Increased awareness among employers and broadcasters of Film, Stage and TV Production.
  • Gain first to market insights on upcoming production projects.
  • Engage with over 700k+ monthly unique visitors.
  • Drive traffic to your website and attract new business opportunities.
  • Reach a global audience which includes the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and worldwide.
To learn more about the benefits of advertising within our production services, please visit our Features & Packages section.


Noticeboard is where our members regularly search for training, photographers, special offers, equipment & innovative products.
  • Cost £20+VAT per month.
  • Sign up for 6 consecutive months or more and receive 10% discount.
  • Create text based listings including a title (up to 70 characters), summary (up to 250 characters) and a detailed description (no character restriction, plus you can include basic html).
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"I've advertised with Mandy Voices for several years now, because as a hub for the vast majority of working actors in the UK, doing so raises general brand awareness within the industry and, just as importantly, brings clients to my studio." Michael Wharley Photography.